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The sound of a hundred strings

Pune, Wednesday, April 15, 1998 PUNE: When it runs in the family it definitely shows. On Monday PANDIT SATISH VYAS, son of a noted singer Pandit C.R.Vyas, offered us an enchanting evening with the Shatatantri Veena (in laymen terms, the santoor) at Tilak Smarak Mandir.

In the concert organised by Pancham-Nishad, Satish presented a raag composed by his father - Raag Dhanakoni-Kalyan. Then it was the turn of PANDIT ANINDO CHATTERJI, who is known for the mellow and soft tone of his tabla. He started off with a beautiful piece in Matta Taal of 9 beats, which was chosen by Satish for the composition. And Vyas' imaginative and musically enriched layakari kept the audience spell bound.

Then it was time for PANDIT JASRAJ to take centre stage. Music lovers will know that this was his second concert in last couple of weeks and that he is performing again early next month!

Accompanying Pandit Jasraj was his student SANJEEV ABHYANKAR, PT. APPASAHEB JALGAONKAR on the harmonium and VIJAY GHATE (tabla). And for vocal support there were Shruti and Ratan from Mumbai. He started with Raag Nat-Narayani and then offered some delicate compositions in Raag Bahar and Raag Basant, ending with a piece written by Adi Shankaracharya.

By Priti Menon, Screen Channel.

The evening itself, titled Greeshma Rutu Sangeet, was a good example to theme concerts. And we hope to see more of these in the future.

By Milind Date, Pune Times.