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Mumbai, Friday, July 26, 1996 His classical fare stirs you. Satish Vyas has come up with a brilliant classical music album called, Strings of your Soul. The jugalbandi between Vyas on santoor ( Vyas is the son of renowned maestro Pt C. R. Vyas) and sukhvinder singh Namdhari on tabla is enviable. The album opens with raga Malkauns which probably has the most popular midnight melodies in North Indian music. The milieu of melodies that Vyas dwells on shows that he's a musical nomad. Vyas explores various ragas with a leisured trip on aalaps and jod, sans any rhythm. This exposition is quickly followed by gat, a rhythmic composition in medium tempo, set to seven beats replace by fervour and fast-paced gat of 16 beats. Good show by Vyas and the encores must be on their way.

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