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Hammer home the music with santoor maestro Vyas

BANGALORE: Santoor maestro Satish Vyas, who performed in the city recently, was all praise for the Karnataka audience. Well Known to Bangaloreans with his Gunidas Sammelan, organised in memory of the guru of his illustrious father C.R.Vyas, he said, "They are discerning connoisseurs and very disciplined."

But he was a bit unhappy with the way the media had been perpetrating western culture. "All media entertainment is based mostly on film music. And then we have MTV and Channel {V} hammering an alien culture into psyche of our teens. If the hammer classical music like that even that will become popular," he said.

Though Satish Vyas did not follow his father and become vocalist, he chose the santoor. But his 15-year-old son Vikram has opted for what is every kid's first preference these days - cricket. "This again is TV influence. There is so much coverage given to this game, all youngsters are hooked on to it now. I wish they give similar importance to our music," Satish Vyas said. Vikram said he liked music, but didn't have the patience to sit down and learn it. "I can't sit in a place for long. I just need to break into some action," said the lanky Vikram. Chipped in his father: "Yes, that is true. He has broken several windows panes and mirrors in our house."

A double post-graduate (MA in statistics and MBA), Satish Vyas has held his positions in prestigious companies before devoting his life to music. He speaks very highly of his guru Pandit Shivkumar Sharma, whose magic on santoor attracted him to the instrument. "He is not just a master musician, but also a great human being," he said.

His younger brother Shashi Vyas, a CA, is the only one of the three children, who did not take up music. But a good connoisseur he is and has been doing all he could do to promote music.

He launched Pancham Nishad, to raise funds for CA students in Mumbai and roped in the greatest of musicians to contribute for the cause. "Veteran Hindustani musician Kishori Amonkar was the first performer that day. Perhaps, in her long career it was the only she performed before some junior artistes could do," said Shashi. How did he manage that? "CAs are able managers also." he quipped. The recent Pancham Nishad show brought Satish Vyas and Pandit Jasraj to Bangalore.

By Malati Kallapur, The Times of India